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Wax Melt Challenge

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I set myself a challenge to hand make One Million Wax Melts and the goal of doing this in 365 days! Secret Garden China will then be able to donate Money/Equipment and much more to the NHS using the profits generated from selling these wax melts!!

By purchasing our mystery wax melts, Secret Garden China will dispatch from the following popular scents:

Fairy Dust


Lime Basil & Mandarin

Coco & Sandalwood

Coconut Leaf & White

Black Pomegranate

Rose & Oud

Rhubarb & Vanilla


Pineapple & Mango

The Rainbow Wax melt image is a visual for website purposes only and to show support to the NHS, as the wax melts come in 100g tubs and will be one colour.

Any wax melt purchased on the website will be deduced from the 1 million total, which will be updated daily.

Remaining Wax Melts: 999,434

Thank you for supporting our small business!